With onsite trainings, you bring expert training to your organization

Expert trainings at your complete convenience, delivered at your doorstep. This is what a description of onsite trainings should look like. This is because onsite trainings are designed to help organizations derive the fullest value of professional trainings, but with an important component: At its will and convenience and at a time and location of… Continue reading With onsite trainings, you bring expert training to your organization

How does onsite training work?

The dynamics of onsite trainings is simple to understand if one understands the concept of onsite trainings. Onsite trainings are a form or mode of professional trainings in which the organization that needs these trainings, which can be about any aspect related to their industries, gets an expert in that industry to get down to… Continue reading How does onsite training work?

Onsite training comes to your door

Time was when, centuries ago, the idea of getting trained in a profession or trade was by going and staying with the guru for years in his or her abode. This was the forerunner to the concept of a residential school. The teacher used to be present right at the student’s access, and everything that needed to be taught was drilled down very stringently. Education was associated with complete dedication and discipline.
Fast forward to the present era. Not only students, but even those who have graduated long ago and are pursuing professions of their choice need trainings from time to time. This is to familiarize and upgrade them with the developments in the industry in which they work. Professional trainings need not be learnt by going over to the master’s residence and apprenticing oneself for years before being certified arbitrarily by the teacher, something that used to be done at the sole discretion of the guru, which, in many cases, would take a lifetime.
In a complete reversal of roles, today, it is the teacher or the expert, who goes down to the location of the student, or in this case, the professionals. Why do they need to do this? Simple: To save time and money and add tremendous value. This is the gist of the concept of onsite trainings. Let us examine how onsite trainings add value to organizations while helping them save on costs.
Features of onsite trainings
As we just saw, these trainings are situations in which the expert in an aspect of a profession comes to the location of choice of the professionals who seek expert learning. In other words, instead of many learners going to a location to hear the expert, the reverse happens: Onsite trainings bring the classroom to the learner. What are the advantages of doing this?
These are the various benefits and advantages of onsite trainings:
The choice of the course content is left to the participant:
This is by far the biggest advantage of onsite trainings. It is not the expert who decides what is to be taught, but rather, the organization that needs professional trainings. When this is the case, there is no question of even a single wasted paragraph, so to speak.
The participants decide the venue:
Another major advantage of onsite trainings is that the organization is free to decide where it wants the expert to come and deliver trainings. This is not the case with other modes of trainings, such as in-house seminars and webinars.
Highly economical:
Imagine the difference between transporting hundreds of employees to a faraway venue and taking care of everything from their stay to food to travel and what have you, and getting a single expert to come down to the venue of the client’s convenience. This is what onsite trainings bring about.
Freedom of choosing the time of trainings:
Onsite trainings mean that the expert goes down to offer trainings to the organization when the latter wants it. The freedom of scheduling the training lies with the learner.
Brings about closer collaboration and teamwork:
This is a byproduct of onsite trainings. When employees come together to learn something of interest and relevance to them at one location, they are bound to interact more freely with one another, something they would not do in the course of their normal work routine.
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Onsite vs offsite trainings

This question is a bit like asking which of these two is more effective: Working from home or working from office. It is difficult to answer this question, right? It depends on how one looks at it. Similarly, both onsite and offsite trainings have their own unique advantages. It all depends on which the particular organization finds more convenient or comfortable for a particular training.
Each is good, in its own way
Many organizations opt for onsite trainings for the reason that they bring with them many advantages. These are some of them:
Onsite trainings are highly economical
This is quite natural, considering that the organization needs to bear the traveling and other expenses of only the trainer and not the entire group of employees that are getting trained.
The client decides what needs to be imparted
This is a highly commendable feature of onsite trainings and is available with no other mode of training. If the participant decides the curriculum, what could be more focused, relevant and effective?
Varied choices
Onsite trainings offer many choices to the participants who undertake the trainings. Wide choices are given in terms of not only the curriculum, as mentioned above, but also in relation to the choice of experts, the choice of the venue, and the choice of schedule.
Advantages of offsite trainings
Now, does this mean that offsite, or what may be called in person trainings, are useless? Absolutely not, because if there were to be no utility in this mode of trainings, this would have ceased to exist long ago! Onsite trainings do offer many benefits compared to offsite trainings, but let us examine some of the advantages of offsite trainings:
Break away from the routine of office
Much is said about the familiar environment in which onsite trainings are held. Of course, many organizations see this as an advantage, but this feature also works the other way. Many organizations find that participants don’t take trainings in the same premises seriously enough and think of these sessions more as a pleasant digression from the daily grind of work. They tend to take it too lightly, more as a day out rather than as a training session that will make a difference to their careers.
Lack of focus
Additionally, there is always the possibility that employees could be tempted to make a phone call and dash off for a quick coffee, since they are more likely to see the training session as a kind of change from their routine. Not everyone may do it, but what if a senior employee excuses himself to hand down a quick instruction to his subordinate who is after all, with arm’s length? Neither the expert nor the organization’s HR can object to this. This is something like a home worker who would want to take a quick break at a crucial time because he has to switch the cooker off or has to remember to pay a bill. This will almost certainly not happen at offsite trainings.
Familiarity with the working conditions
This is one of the defining features of onsite trainings, but again, this could be a double edged sword. In many instances, people feel fresh and creative only when they attend a training session that offers them a new and lively environment. Many a time, a few organizations could also feel that it is more productive to get the employees to a new environment and let them come out with new ideas rather than dump them all at one place.
To summarize, both onsite and offsite trainings come with their own set of advantages and benefits. Depending on the need and the liking of the organization, it could choose the one that suits it better.
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How is onsite training useful for your organization?

How is onsite training useful for your organization?
Professional trainings are a must-have for organizations that are involved in almost any kind of business. Why? It is through professional trainings that organizations ensure that their employees stay updated with all that is happening in their respective industries. Whenever a change, small or big, happens in the industry; organizations need to equip themselves with the knowledge needed to grasp and implement it.
These changes could be related to best practices, regulations, or technology or process. No matter what the nature of change; any organization needs to update itself with the requirements. This is where professional trainings are an imperative for organizations, because it is through these trainings that the education needed to understand the trade more thoroughly is imparted through experts.
Onsite trainings are a very effective and useful method of imparting expert knowledge for organizations. Although other modes of trainings, such as webinars, in person, live seminars and in-house trainings are significant; onsite trainings offer a new perspective, since they bring many advantages.
A look at the advantages of onsite trainings
Choice of curriculum:
The most important benefit of onsite trainings is that the participant decides the course content. This is where onsite consulting stands out, because in other forms of professional trainings, such as in person seminars or conferences, it is the other way round, as it is the expert who decides and devises the curriculum for the course. Although the learning offered at in person seminars is important, onsite trainings go a step further by offering the participants the option of choosing what they want to learn. This makes learning more focused.
Choice of expert:
In the case of onsite trainings, the participating organization has the freedom to decide which expert they want to come over and give trainings for. In the case of other modes of training, this option is rarely, if ever, given, because the organization that organizes the training usually decides on this aspect.
Choice of location:
Onsite trainings are a mode of training in which the expert comes over to a location of the participating organization’s convenience. This can be the premises of the client organization or a mutually convenient, predetermined location. The biggest advantage this feature offers is that the expenses relating to travel, accommodation, etc. of only one person –the expert –or a handful more if that is the case, have to be incurred. Since these expenses have to be incurred anyway; most host organizations try to get as many employees for a single training session to optimize the cost of trainings, thus drastically reducing the expense.
Choice of schedule:
The schedule for the dates is determined by the professional trainings provider in the case of most in person seminars or conferences. Participants from different organizations have to make themselves free in order to attend these trainings. Onsite trainings remove this important hurdle by getting the expert over at a date of the clients’ convenience.
Freedom to discuss delicate matters:
Another important advantage that onsite trainings bring is that since all the employees who are undergoing trainings are from the same organization; they are free to discuss matters that are sensitive and delicate and relate to only them. This is usually not possible in a seminar or conference in which the participants are from other organizations, on most occasions, the competitors.
Fosters teamwork:
One of the offshoots of online consulting is that since all the employees who need trainings are assembled at one place for a long duration of time; they get to understand each other well and collaborate better as teams in the future.
Accustomed environment:
Onsite trainings are offered right at the workplace of the employees who need trainings. They don’t have to go out and learn in a new, unfamiliar place. This makes the sense of learning stronger.
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GlobalCompliancePanel’s onsite trainings serve the exact learning needs of regulatory compliance professionals effectively

Professional trainings come with their own set of distinct advantages. When they are offered in the form of in person, live conferences; they get the Expert to come down to a fixed venue and get to learn from the expert. However, this medium does not address all the problems that professionals usually have:
o One, the course content may not be completely relevant to the exact needs of an organization. Most conferences are for a general, industry-wide audience.
o Two, they are at a location that may not be completely convenient for everyone to attend.
o Three, organizations spend a lot more money than the conference fee to send their employees to attend them, in the form of transport, accommodation, etc.
A mode of training that addresses these issues
It is in the context of the limited uses of these conferences and seminars that GlobalCompliancePanel, a brand of NetZealous LLC, a distinguished provider of professional trainings in the areas of regulatory compliance, human resources, healthcare and IT, has come up with a novel concept to address these issues.
GlobalCompliancePanel offers onsite trainings as a solution to these issues related to traditional methods of imparting professional trainings. It addresses each of the issues that participants in a traditional training course face.
The varied benefits of GlobalCompliancePanel’s onsite trainings
GlobalCompliancePanel’s onsite trainings are designed to help professionals in the regulatory compliance area overcome exactly these shortcomings.
Relevance of materials: Most importantly, GlobalCompliancePanel’s onsite trainings allow the participants to choose the exact area of training that they need. This is the most outstanding feature of GlobalCompliancePanel’s onsite trainings, because when the participating organization itself chooses just what it wants; there is no question of irrelevancy or insufficiency of the course. These courses are needs and role based, meaning that the organization that needs these trainings decides what its training needs are and the positions for which it needs professional trainings.
Choice of location for trainings: Onsite trainings from GlobalCompliancePanel come with another highly important feature. GlobalCompliancePanel’s onsite trainings are offered at the exact location at which the organization that needs it is located. Or, it could be a mutually agreeable location.
Total convenience: Also, GlobalCompliancePanel’s onsite trainings are absolutely convenient, because it is the expert who goes down to where the client wants. Because of this, the participating organizations don’t have to make travel and other arrangements, which can sometimes take weeks or even months of advance planning and coordination. Onsite trainings from GlobalCompliancePanel area thus a great time saver for participating organizations.
Big cost savings: When all the employees who need professional trainings in any of the areas of regulatory compliance are assembled at one location and offered trainings from an expert; the organization saves on a lot of expenses. Contrast this with the airfare, food, stay and other expenses that could accrue if the organization were to decide to send a high number of its employees for training at another location.
Heightened interaction between colleagues: These onsite trainings from GlobalCompliancePanel also come with another spinoff: They engender greater communication and interaction between colleagues, who normally don’t get to meet each other on a daily basis.
With these features, GlobalCompliancePanel does away with the disadvantages of the traditional modes of professional trainings at one stroke.
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GlobalCompliancePanel allows you to choose what you want to learn, and in the way you want to!

Regulatory compliance professionals, stop worrying about the lack of relevance of your professional trainings in future. GlobalCompliancePanel, through its new feature, its on-site trainings, offers a perfect solution to those of you who feel that suitability of their professional trainings is a little off the mark.
The hallmark of GlobalCompliancePanel’s on-site training is that it gives regulatory compliance professionals the freedom to choose courses that they think are best suited to augment their understanding of the precise area of their profession!
What makes GlobalCompliancePanel on-site trainings so beneficial and powerful?
GlobalCompliancePanel’s on-site training program is loaded with benefits for the individual or the organization that wants to take it up. These are what these on-site trainings come with:
Suitability: First off, these trainings are absolutely what your organization requires, because it is what you decide upon. So, where is the question of the trainings being irrelevant? GlobalCompliancePanel’s experts impart trainings on the exact areas of regulatory compliance on which you need clarification and knowledge.
Usefulness: GlobalCompliancePanel’s experts impart trainings that are bang on target. They are exactly what you yourself have chosen to learn, which makes them highly useful to your organization. They are needs-based. Further, they are customized based on the role of the individual in the organization. What is taught at these on-site trainings is fit for implementation in the real world from that moment onwards.
Convenient: No more flying to distant locations for attending trainings. GlobalCompliancePanel’s on-site trainings are designed to bring the expert to where you are, and not the other way round. For these trainings, you are the one who decides on the venue and schedule. No blocking dates on the calendar, no booking tickets at hotels, and no more assembling different teams for different trainings at different locations.
Economical: When your organization is saved the bother of having to go through the rigmarole of all the logistical issues concerning attending trainings in another location; the cost saved on the whole exercise is enormous.
Time saving: Come in into office at the usual time and leave at the usual time, except that you would have spent the day on gaining knowledge from GlobalCompliancePanel’s experts at their on-site trainings. Getting these on-site trainings is as simple as that. With there being no need to run around from one place to another, these on-site trainings ensure that you spend the day as any other in office while undergoing these trainings.
Greater bonding: You seldom get to hobnob with your colleagues in real life. However, when you attend GlobalCompliancePanel’s on-site trainings with the colleagues of yours; you are getting a chance to interact more with that person and discuss anything relating to these trainings and all that you have learn there. You can discuss the ways of implementing the lessons learnt. You may work more closely with that colleague in the future.
Just mail GlobalCompliancePanel at …or call up +1-800-447-9407 and see what difference GlobalCompliancePanel’s on-site trainings can do for you!
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