GlobalCompliancePanel allows you to choose what you want to learn, and in the way you want to!

Regulatory compliance professionals, stop worrying about the lack of relevance of your professional trainings in future. GlobalCompliancePanel, through its new feature, its on-site trainings, offers a perfect solution to those of you who feel that suitability of their professional trainings is a little off the mark.


The hallmark of GlobalCompliancePanel’s on-site training is that it gives regulatory compliance professionals the freedom to choose courses that they think are best suited to augment their understanding of the precise area of their profession!

What makes GlobalCompliancePanel on-site trainings so beneficial and powerful?

GlobalCompliancePanel’s on-site training program is loaded with benefits for the individual or the organization that wants to take it up. These are what these on-site trainings come with:

Suitability: First off, these trainings are absolutely what your organization requires, because it is what you decide upon. So, where is the question of the trainings being irrelevant? GlobalCompliancePanel’s experts impart trainings on the exact areas of regulatory compliance on which you need clarification and knowledge.

Usefulness: GlobalCompliancePanel’s experts impart trainings that are bang on target. They are exactly what you yourself have chosen to learn, which makes them highly useful to your organization. They are needs-based. Further, they are customized based on the role of the individual in the organization. What is taught at these on-site trainings is fit for implementation in the real world from that moment onwards.

On site training 2016 - Globalcompliancepanel

Convenient: No more flying to distant locations for attending trainings. GlobalCompliancePanel’s on-site trainings are designed to bring the expert to where you are, and not the other way round. For these trainings, you are the one who decides on the venue and schedule. No blocking dates on the calendar, no booking tickets at hotels, and no more assembling different teams for different trainings at different locations.

Economical: When your organization is saved the bother of having to go through the rigmarole of all the logistical issues concerning attending trainings in another location; the cost saved on the whole exercise is enormous.

Time saving: Come in into office at the usual time and leave at the usual time, except that you would have spent the day on gaining knowledge from GlobalCompliancePanel’s experts at their on-site trainings. Getting these on-site trainings is as simple as that. With there being no need to run around from one place to another, these on-site trainings ensure that you spend the day as any other in office while undergoing these trainings.

Greater bonding: You seldom get to hobnob with your colleagues in real life. However, when you attend GlobalCompliancePanel’s on-site trainings with the colleagues of yours; you are getting a chance to interact more with that person and discuss anything relating to these trainings and all that you have learn there. You can discuss the ways of implementing the lessons learnt. You may work more closely with that colleague in the future.

On site training 2016 - Globalcompliancepanel2

Just mail GlobalCompliancePanel at …or call up +1-800-447-9407 and see what difference GlobalCompliancePanel’s on-site trainings can do for you!

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Phone: +1-800-447-9407, 510-584-9661

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