GlobalCompliancePanel’s onsite trainings serve the exact learning needs of regulatory compliance professionals effectively

Professional trainings come with their own set of distinct advantages. When they are offered in the form of in person, live conferences; they get the Expert to come down to a fixed venue and get to learn from the expert. However, this medium does not address all the problems that professionals usually have:

  • One, the course content may not be completely relevant to the exact needs of an organization. Most conferences are for a general, industry-wide audience.
  • Two, they are at a location that may not be completely convenient for everyone to attend.
  • Three, organizations spend a lot more money than the conference fee to send their employees to attend them, in the form of transport, accommodation, etc.

A mode of training that addresses these issues

It is in the context of the limited uses of these conferences and seminars that GlobalCompliancePanel, a brand of NetZealous LLC, a distinguished provider of professional trainings in the areas of regulatory compliance, human resources, healthcare and IT, has come up with a novel concept to address these issues.

On site training1

GlobalCompliancePanel offers onsite trainings as a solution to these issues related to traditional methods of imparting professional trainings. It addresses each of the issues that participants in a traditional training course face.

The varied benefits of GlobalCompliancePanel’s onsite trainings

GlobalCompliancePanel’s onsite trainings are designed to help professionals in the regulatory compliance area overcome exactly these shortcomings.

On site training 2016 - Globalcompliancepanel3

Relevance of materials: Most importantly, GlobalCompliancePanel’s onsite trainings allow the participants to choose the exact area of training that they need. This is the most outstanding feature of GlobalCompliancePanel’s onsite trainings, because when the participating organization itself chooses just what it wants; there is no question of irrelevancy or insufficiency of the course. These courses are needs and role based, meaning that the organization that needs these trainings decides what its training needs are and the positions for which it needs professional trainings.

Choice of location for trainings: Onsite trainings from GlobalCompliancePanel come with another highly important feature. GlobalCompliancePanel’s onsite trainings are offered at the exact location at which the organization that needs it is located. Or, it could be a mutually agreeable location.

Total convenience: Also, GlobalCompliancePanel’s onsite trainings are absolutely convenient, because it is the expert who goes down to where the client wants. Because of this, the participating organizations don’t have to make travel and other arrangements, which can sometimes take weeks or even months of advance planning and coordination. Onsite trainings from GlobalCompliancePanel area thus a great time saver for participating organizations.

Big cost savings: When all the employees who need professional trainings in any of the areas of regulatory compliance are assembled at one location and offered trainings from an expert; the organization saves on a lot of expenses. Contrast this with the airfare, food, stay and other expenses that could accrue if the organization were to decide to send a high number of its employees for training at another location.

Heightened interaction between colleagues: These onsite trainings from GlobalCompliancePanel also come with another spinoff: They engender greater communication and interaction between colleagues, who normally don’t get to meet each other on a daily basis.

With these features, GlobalCompliancePanel does away with the disadvantages of the traditional modes of professional trainings at one stroke.

On site training 2016 - Globalcompliancepanel2

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